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    e-Logos is the LMS for distance learning which, thanks to its fully integrated e-commerce, allows you to sell easily online courses. e-Logos is the ideal learning management system for all those training providers who want to take advantage of distance learning and want more freedom in customising web pages in comparison with open sources strict rules.


    4 reviews for e-Logos

    1. Simon Winchester

      JO LMS is surprising!
      It’s not the kind of platform you cannot customise or the one that requires help to get into it.

    2. Thomas

      Complete and easy-to-use platform.
      The timesheet extension is wonderful.

    3. John C.

      Despite the huge amount of competitors in the field of e-learning platforms, one of our partners suggested us to call VITECO to get its LMS.
      JO LMS is very user-friendly, simple to use and totally customisable.

    4. Jean B.

      VITECO’s team showed us all the platform (and its usage) before purchasing it. The possibility to upload SCORM courses without outsourcing it determined our choice.

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