Conversion to SCORM format

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VITECO converts to SCORM format.
SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) is the most used standard in the world for online courses designing.
SCORM’s courses allow a dynamic and interactive training approach, because they make possible the creation of both static and dynamic courses that involve learners through videos, interactive slides, dragging objects, animations and records.

PS: Things not specified and changes will be separately evaluated.

2 reviews for Conversion to SCORM format

  1. Michael Steiner

    Since SCORM courses are already a standard my association needed to upgrade using it.
    VITECO, one of the italian most efficient companies, helped us developing such courses.

    Good job

  2. Daniel Chester

    My association and I are not used in using softwares which provide such kind of courses; We decided to outsource the operation and called VITECO.
    VITECO’s team is very professional and always-on. One of the best decision we ever made

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